GMRS Licensing Information Page

I had taken this page down, since it was VERY outdated, but I have decided to put something back here because more web sites than I realized were linking to it, and rather than leave you all in the dark, here is the latest General Mobile Radio System licensing information, last updated in January 2013:

What do I do first?

Applying for a GMRS license should be done online. The FCC's web site has come a long way over the last 10 years, and this is by far the best way to submit an application. I'm not even sure if they still accept paper applications. All you need is internet access, which obviously you already have and a method of paying the license fee such as a credit card.

Getting Your FRN

You will first need to obtain a FRN if you don't have one already. You already have one if you hold or have recently held any other FCC license, or may have one if you have met certain other conditions. If you're not sure that you have one or if you know you don't know your FRN is you can do a search by going to the FCC's Cores Registration Page. You can also follow the directions here to reset your password if you forgot the password to your CORES account.

The License Application Process

Once you have obtained your FRN, you can apply for your GMRS license. This is a much simpler process than it used to be due to technological improvements at the FCC's web site. Start by going to the Online Filing link from the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications page, and login using your FRN and password. I haven't filed a license lately, so I don't know exactly what steps to follow from here, but they should be pretty straightforward. Please email me if you run into problems or have to do some tricks to get through the process (gmrs <*at* > hrdent com ), and I will try to update this site with more information to help others in need.

When will it be issued?

Assuming you meet all the the eligibility requirements, you should see you license issued within the next few business days if you look at the FCC's License Search page. Do a search by name or FRN. As soon as you see a license in the database you are legal. Shortly afterward, you should get your paper license in the mail.

What Next?

There is lots of information about GMRS online, and as usual with online information only some is good. Google or your favorite search engine will be your friend in trying to find what you are looking for. Much of the information is old, and even a good portion of the PRSG's web page, once a quite active advocate for GMRS, has been hit and miss with updates. If I can help with any questions, please email me at the emai address above.

Thank you for taking the time to "become legal" on GMRS. There sure are a lot of people who have not done so. Good luck and enjoy your new license and the GMRS world!